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The best- and worst-performing equity mutual funds

By category, ranked by one year total returns

Jun 14, 2015 @ 12:01 am

By arjuna-design Data

Large-Cap Growth

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Shelton NASDAQ-100 Index Fund Direct (NASDX)$226.221.96%23.99%20.35%0.49%
Columbia Large Cap Growth Fund Z (GEGTX)$3,373.121.94%22.91%17.65%0.89%
Janus Forty Fund S (JARTX)$2,320.021.45%21.61%14.86%1.02%
USAA Nasdaq-100 Index Fund (USNQX)$805.421.42%23.25%19.67%0.64%
Rydex NASDAQ-100 Fund Investor (RYOCX)$915.420.73%22.50%19.05%1.29%
Deutsche Capital Growth Fund S (SCGSX)$1,644.619.91%21.83%16.29%0.72%
Columbia Select Large Cap Growth Fund Z (UMLGX)$7,111.519.48%24.61%18.68%0.85%
Polen Growth Fund;Institutional (POLIX)$406.419.20%17.81%N/A1.00%
John Hancock Capital Appreciation Fund NAV (JHCPX)$2,289.118.97%21.64%17.17%0.73%
TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth Fund Institutional (TILGX)$3,120.518.89%23.56%17.94%0.44%
Bottom 5
Fidelity Fifty (FFTYX)$721.37.50%20.25%16.03%0.83%
John Hancock Select Growth Fund A (RGROX)$396.57.69%15.16%12.92%1.18%
Fidelity Focused Stock Fund (FTQGX)$1,442.28.02%20.43%17.12%0.91%
RiverPark/Wedgewood Fund Institutional (RWGIX)$2,065.98.30%18.21%N/A0.88%
Marsico Growth FDP Fund Investor C (MCDDX)$156.68.39%16.00%13.36%2.08%
Classification total/average$723,373.914.38%20.19%15.92%1.19%
S&P 500 Growth Total Return Index14.60%20.97%17.76%

Large-Cap Value

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
DoubleLine Shiller Enhanced CAPE I (DSEEX)$399.514.12%N/AN/A0.99%
Fidelity Blue Chip Value Fund (FBCVX)$378.713.85%22.54%13.05%0.73%
SunAmerica Focused Dividend Strategy Portfolio A (FDSAX)$9,195.212.49%21.35%17.97%1.07%
JPMorgan Large Cap Value Fund Select (HLQVX)$749.112.43%23.28%14.93%0.78%
Fidelity Series Stock Selector Large Cap Value F (FRGEX)$8,334.512.08%N/AN/A0.55%
Fidelity Adv Srs Stock Selector Large Cap Value (FMMLX)$1,265.811.91%N/AN/A0.75%
Northern Large Cap Value Fund (NOLVX)$105.111.53%20.67%12.92%0.86%
Touchstone Focused Fund Y (TFFYX)$1,146.011.29%23.67%16.76%0.96%
Transamerica Large Cap Value I2 (TWQZX)$1,867.511.26%21.98%N/A0.69%
Lyrical US Value Equity Fund Institutional (LYRIX)$704.911.21%N/AN/A1.44%
Bottom 5
Voya Corporate Leaders Trust Fund (LEXCX)$1,575.01.71%16.20%16.31%0.00%
Hennessy Cornerstone Value Fund Investor (HFCVX)$146.33.70%16.73%13.27%1.09%
Nationwide HighMark Value Fund IS (NWKFX)$142.43.81%17.66%13.77%0.90%
Cullen High Dividend Equity Fund Retail (CHDEX)$2,307.84.36%14.68%13.61%1.01%
Centre American Select Equity Fund Investor (DHAMX)$199.14.54%14.70%N/A1.05%
Classification total/average$418,626.48.36%20.00%14.24%1.12%
S&P 500 Value Total Return Index8.89%20.53%14.95%

Small-Cap Growth

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Driehaus Micro Cap Growth Fund (DMCRX)$116.034.38%31.17%18.45%1.59%
RS Small Cap Growth Fund A (RSEGX)$2,090.330.46%27.18%20.73%1.40%
Federated Kaufmann Small Cap Fund A (FKASX)$752.126.85%23.61%17.38%1.96%
Emerald Growth Fund A (HSPGX)$336.726.77%26.42%20.37%1.29%
Wells Fargo Advantage Emerging Growth Fund Institutional (WEMIX)$1,038.724.74%20.33%18.74%0.90%
Harbor Small Cap Growth Fund;Institutional (HASGX)$637.123.16%25.94%17.49%0.84%
ASTON/LMCG Small Cap Growth Fund N (ACWDX)$116.122.97%26.65%0.00%1.36%
TCW Small Cap Growth Fund I (TGSCX)$148.722.25%19.04%11.18%1.20%
UBS US Small Cap Growth Fund P (BISCX)$202.522.15%24.50%20.56%1.00%
American Century Small Cap Growth Fund Investor (ANOIX)$387.821.58%22.93%16.88%1.41%
Bottom 5
Kalmar 'Growth-With-Value' Small Cap Fund Investor (KGSCX)$689.45.64%15.06%14.74%1.29%
Hodges Small Cap Fund Retail (HDPSX)$2,091.96.80%24.17%19.31%1.37%
Buffalo Small Cap Fund (BUFSX)$2,306.27.55%16.13%11.56%1.00%
Neuberger Berman Genesis Fund Investor (NBGNX)$12,145.88.35%16.71%14.21%1.02%
LKCM Small Cap Equity Fund Institutional (LKSCX)$789.38.53%15.38%14.39%0.94%
Classification total/average$168,736.715.56%20.52%16.13%1.38%
S&P SC 600 Growth Total Return14.79%21.23%17.65%

Small-Cap Value

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
John Hancock Small Cap Value FundNAV$253.412.45%19.37%14.73%1.16%
PF Small-Cap Value Fund P$172.011.68%19.34%14.98%0.91%
Westwood SmallCap Value Fund Institutional (WHGSX)$134.111.18%23.71%17.28%1.10%
Nuveen Small Cap Value Fund I (FSCCX)$131.910.41%21.46%16.17%1.23%
Vanguard Small-Cap Value Index Fund Investor (VISVX)$16,729.510.28%22.40%15.70%0.24%
RBC Microcap Value Fund I (RMVIX)$156.210.26%22.59%16.10%1.08%
Principal SmallCap Value Fund II Inst (PPVIX)$1,368.510.19%22.15%15.26%1.06%
Undiscovered Managers Behavioral Value Fund Inst (UBVLX)$2,207.39.44%22.50%17.64%1.04%
Northern Small Cap Value Fund (NOSGX)$2,961.59.16%19.74%14.78%1.01%
AB Discovery Value Fund Advisor (ABYSX)$2,493.69.08%22.70%14.70%0.91%
Bottom 5
Aegis Value Fund I (AVALX)$158.9-21.46%8.67%7.95%1.38%
Huber Capital Small Cap Value Fund Investor (HUSIX)$269.1-6.76%15.32%15.04%1.85%
Heartland Value Plus Fund Investor (HRVIX)$1,908.7-5.43%13.21%9.64%1.14%
Artisan Small Cap Value Fund Investor (ARTVX)$863.0-5.10%8.93%6.95%1.23%
Franklin MicroCap Value Fund A (FRMCX)$407.4-2.10%15.54%11.70%1.16%
Classification total/average$97,431.15.39%18.84%13.33%1.36%
S&P SC 600 Pure Value Total Return7.47%24.85%14.73%

Equity Income

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
American Beacon The London Company Inc Equity Y (ABCYX)$629.814.17%18.49%N/A0.90%
Sit Dividend Growth Fund I (SDVGX)$1,058.511.65%18.66%15.57%1.34%
Coho Relative Value Equity Fund Advisor (COHOX)$233.911.53%N/AN/A0.94%
Shelton Core Value Fund Direct (EQTIX)$204.311.50%19.83%15.45%0.84%
Davenport Value and Income Fund (DVIPX)$417.611.43%20.05%0.00%1.07%
Goldman Sachs US Equity Dividend & Premium Fund Inst (GSPKX)$1,471.911.22%16.88%14.05%0.79%
Nuveen Santa Barbara Dividend Growth Fund I (NSBRX)$2,744.511.02%18.26%15.68%0.76%
BMO Dividend Income I (MDIVX)$130.99.81%18.45%N/A0.65%
SkyBridge Dividend Value Fund I (SKYIX)$100.29.71%0.00%N/A1.00%
Wasatch Strategic Income Fund Investor (WASIX)$121.99.63%20.96%17.04%1.01%
Bottom 5
Good Harbor Tactical Equity Income Fund I (GHTIX)$170.0-12.50%N/AN/A1.17%
Huber Capital Equity Income Fund Investor (HULIX)$114.1-1.10%16.83%14.77%1.49%
Invesco Low Volatility Equity Fund A (SCAUX)$328.92.09%16.43%12.86%1.14%
Royce Dividend Value Fund Service (RYDVX)$451.12.45%16.33%12.93%1.52%
Matisse Discounted Closed-End Fund Strategy Institutional (MDCEX)$128.03.19%N/AN/A2.18%
Classification total/average$342,481.56.54%17.01%13.84%1.29%
Russell 1000 Value Total Return Index8.85%21.05%15.51%

Real Estate

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Altegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short Fund I (RAAIX)$111.218.02%N/AN/A2.05%
Guggenheim Risk Managed Real Estate Fund Institutional (GURIX)$113.116.43%N/AN/A2.58%
CGM Realty Fund (CGMRX)$1,193.316.41%13.30%12.88%0.92%
Cohen & Steers Real Estate Securities Fund A (CSEIX)$1,266.814.71%15.57%14.52%1.23%
Baron Real Estate Fund Inst (BREIX)$1,888.413.07%26.51%21.54%1.09%
Cole Real Estate Income Strategy (Daily NAV) Inc.$111.312.87%11.83%N/AN/A
TIAA-CREF Real Estate Securities Fund Inst (TIREX)$1,937.712.67%13.38%14.15%0.52%
Manning & Napier Real Estate Series S (MNREX)$285.612.21%14.56%13.75%1.13%
Principal Real Estate Securities Fund R-5 (PREPX)$2,350.312.20%14.62%14.36%1.09%
Cohen & Steers Institutional Realty Shares (CSRIX)$3,083.411.83%14.05%13.80%0.75%
Bottom 5
Lazard US Realty Income Portfolio Open (LRIOX)$144.83.30%11.49%11.50%1.24%
Fidelity Real Estate Income Fund (FRIFX)$4,532.55.38%9.93%10.34%0.83%
Fidelity Series Real Estate Income Fund F (FSRWX)$843.15.53%9.75%0.00%0.61%
Forward Select Income Fund A (KIFAX)$1,822.76.39%10.94%12.05%1.79%
Neuberger Berman Real Estate Fund Trust (NBRFX)$1,012.07.32%10.76%12.20%1.43%
Classification total/average$97,875.09.72%12.60%13.38%1.37%
Dow Jones U.S. Select REIT Total Return11.04%13.42%14.23%

Assets as of April 30, returns as of June 2. Distinct classes and funds with $100 million portfolio minimum only. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds. Funds closed to new investors have been omitted for the top-10 grouping. Rankings are based on unrounded figures. Three and five-year returns are annualized. In case of multiple share classes, the oldest share class is listed. N/A = not available (fund has been in operation for less than the year indicated). *Net prospectus Source: Lipper


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