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Best- and worst-performing fixed-income mutual funds

By category, ranked by one year total returns

Jun 14, 2015 @ 12:01 am

By arjuna-design Data

Core Bond

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund Inst (TSBIX)$442.94.38%N/AN/A0.40%
BlackRock Total Return Fund BlackRock (MPHQX)$6,277.43.76%4.84%5.74%0.54%
SEI Inst Inv Core Fixed Income Fund A (SCOAX)$5,590.33.26%3.05%5.11%0.36%
Principal Bond Market Index Fund Institutional (PNIIX)$1,266.43.11%1.82%3.61%0.26%
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund Inv (VBIIX)$19,429.33.10%2.18%5.14%0.20%
Western Asset Core Bond Fund I (WATFX)$3,888.13.08%3.09%5.22%0.45%
PF Managed Bond Fund P$534.43.06%2.76%3.96%0.55%
Baird Aggregate Bond Fund Institutional (BAGIX)$5,682.03.04%3.25%5.07%0.30%
DFA Intermediate-Term Extended Quality Port Inst (DFTEX)$2,605.23.03%2.70%N/A0.22%
Transamerica Core Bond I2$923.82.95%2.19%4.03%0.51%
Bottom 5
Prudential Core Bond Fund Z (TAIBX)$110.1-0.46%0.47%3.10%0.45%
Federated Short-Intermediate Tot Ret Bd Fund Inst (FGCIX)$250.50.85%2.16%3.31%0.36%
MainStay Total Return Bond Fund I (MTMIX)$1,714.41.07%2.85%4.85%0.60%
Dreyfus Intermediate Term Income Fund A (DRITX)$976.41.30%2.34%4.37%0.89%
Hartford Total Return Bond Fund A (ITBAX)$1,886.41.31%2.40%3.97%0.87%
Classification total/average$599,822.01.94%2.18%3.96%0.81%
Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Total Return2.54%1.84%3.75%

High Yield

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Fidelity Capital & Income Fund (FAGIX)$11,120.16.22%10.96%10.02%0.71%
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage Fund T (FAHYX)$2,114.45.15%10.44%10.04%1.01%
Artisan High Income Fund;Investor (ARTFX)$692.45.14%N/AN/A1.11%
Buffalo High Yield Fund (BUFHX)$262.34.18%6.91%7.45%1.02%
Lord Abbett High Yield Fund A (LHYAX)$4,413.03.85%9.85%9.79%0.94%
Federated High Yield Trust Svc (FHYTX)$765.63.63%11.17%10.96%0.99%
Lazard US Corporate Income Portfolio Inst (LZHYX)$228.63.53%7.10%7.97%0.55%
MainStay Short Duration High Yield Fund I (MDHIX)$452.33.50%N/AN/A0.76%
John Hancock US High Yield Bond Fund NAV$385.73.42%7.32%7.96%0.77%
Columbia Income Opportunities Fund A (AIOAX)$3,316.13.34%7.52%8.72%1.13%
Bottom 5
Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund Inst (TFCIX)$2,461.4-15.22%6.85%6.51%0.88%
Western Asset Global High Yield Bond Fund A (SAHYX)$415.7-3.10%6.81%7.49%1.14%
Pax World High Yield Bond Fund Investor (PAXHX)$548.4-2.68%5.68%6.52%0.97%
John Hancock Focused High Yield Fund B (TSHYX)$497.4-2.54%8.42%6.25%1.75%
Pioneer Global High Yield Fund A (PGHYX)$1,215.6-2.44%6.28%6.67%1.13%
Classification total/average$268,119.40.83%7.34%8.18%1.12%
Barclays U.S. High Yield 2% Issuer Cap Total Return1.79%8.24%9.20%

Multisector Income

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Semper MBS Total Return Fund Inst (SEMMX)$186.26.08%N/AN/A0.76%
Spirit of America Income Fund A (SOAIX)$215.05.75%4.65%7.33%1.10%
Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund A (ANGLX)$3,937.55.19%8.30%N/A1.45%
PIMCO Income Fund;Institutional (PIMIX)$44,877.24.68%9.78%11.04%0.45%
Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture Fund A (LBNDX)$9,778.54.26%8.53%8.85%0.81%
ASTON/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income Fund I (ADLIX)$363.83.57%3.87%N/A0.71%
BlackRock Allocation Target Shares Series M (BRAMX)$534.93.43%3.01%5.68%0.02%
Eaton Vance Short Duration Strategic Income Fund B (EVSGX)$2,508.63.14%3.82%3.41%1.93%
PIMCO Fixed Income SHares Series C (FXICX)$1,844.93.04%4.53%7.32%0.01%
John Hancock Strategic Income Opportunities Fund NAV$5,019.92.97%6.35%7.03%0.67%
Bottom 5
USAA Flexible Income Fund Adviser (UAFIX)$168.3-1.89%N/AN/A1.16%
PIMCO Floating Income Fund Institutional (PFIIX)$758.7-1.69%4.71%3.65%0.55%
Russell Global Opportunistic Credit Fund S (RGCSX)$1,987.2-1.59%4.84%N/A0.89%
Great-West Loomis Sayles Bond Fund Initial (MXLMX)$789.8-1.01%7.19%8.06%0.90%
Eaton Vance Bond Fund I (EVBIX)$1,913.7-0.92%N/AN/A0.69%
Classification total/average$176,977.21.07%4.79%5.80%1.12%
Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Total Return2.54%1.84%3.75%

General and Insured Municipal Debt

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Nuveen All-American Municipal Bond Fund A (FLAAX)$2,493.75.02%4.12%6.10%0.72%
Clearwater Tax-Exempt Bond Fund (QWVQX)$509.74.95%4.92%6.30%0.66%
Oppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal Fund A (OPTAX)$2,016.64.77%5.32%7.72%1.05%
Wells Fargo Advantage CoreBuilder Shares - Srs M (WFCMX)$277.74.37%5.57%7.54%0.00%
Lord Abbett National Tax Free Fund A (LANSX)$1,817.04.30%3.91%5.62%0.78%
Sit Tax-Free Income Fund (SNTIX)$163.04.26%4.21%5.45%0.90%
Eaton Vance Municipal Opportunities Fund I (EMOIX)$266.94.19%4.20%N/A0.75%
Principal Tax-Exempt Bond Fund A (PTEAX)$231.14.18%3.54%4.97%0.81%
Columbia AMT-Free Tax-Exempt Bond Fund A (INTAX)$607.24.17%4.04%5.57%0.83%
Lord Abbett AMT Free Municipal Bond Fund A (LATAX)$153.64.14%3.30%N/A0.60%
Bottom 5
JPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opportunities Fund A (JTAAX)$423.20.04%0.60%N/A0.75%
Manning & Napier Diversified Tax Exempt Series (EXDVX)$400.20.14%0.41%1.75%0.59%
Old Westbury Municipal Bond Fund (OWMBX)$1,311.00.49%0.70%1.90%0.60%
Brown Advisory Tax Exempt Bond Fund Inv (BIAEX)$225.00.69%N/AN/A0.53%
Calvert Tax-Free Bond Fund A (CTTLX)$140.61.07%1.95%3.17%0.93%
Classification total/average$119,695.13.00%3.04%4.61%1.00%
Barclays Municipal Bond Total Return2.95%2.94%4.46%


Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
American Funds Inflation Linked Bond Fund A (BFIAX)$985.3-0.20%N/AN/A0.79%
Nuveen Inflation Protected Securities Fund I (FYIPX)$375.9-0.88%-0.90%3.72%0.58%
DFA Inflation Protected Securities Portfolio Inst (DIPSX)$2,934.7-1.02%-1.28%3.82%0.12%
Fidelity Spartan Infl-Protected Bd Idx Fund FA (FSIYX)$261.2-1.11%-1.29%N/A0.10%
T Rowe Price Inflation Protected Bond Fund (PRIPX)$401.5-1.14%-1.39%3.13%0.50%
Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Inv (VIPSX)$25,627.3-1.16%-1.38%3.41%0.20%
HC Inflation Protected Securities Portfolio HC Str (HCPBX)$521.4-1.18%N/AN/A0.16%
TIAA-CREF Inflation-Linked Bond Fund;Institutional (TIILX)$2,049.6-1.19%-1.42%3.33%0.27%
Schwab Treasury Inflation Protected Sec Index Fund (SWRSX)$264.9-1.21%-1.41%3.23%0.19%
Nationwide Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Inst (NIFIX)$211.4-1.22%N/AN/A0.30%
Bottom 5
Lord Abbett Inflation Focused Fund A (LIFAX)$851.5-5.42%0.00%N/A0.75%
Columbia Inflation Protected Securities Fund A (APSAX)$207.6-4.67%-2.10%2.58%0.85%
Franklin Real Return Fund A (FRRAX)$347.6-4.07%1.10%1.86%0.92%
PIMCO Fixed Income SHares Series R (FXIRX)$193.7-2.70%-0.26%6.66%0.07%
PF Inflation Managed Fund P$118.2-2.56%-1.77%3.34%0.54%
Classification total/average$84,013.1-2.01%-1.40%2.69%0.83%
Barclays U.S. TIPS Total Return-1.04%-1.17%3.57%

Loan Participation

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
DoubleLine Floating Rate Fund I (DBFRX)$347.93.80%N/AN/A0.75%
Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies Fund Inst (GIFIX)$1,493.83.65%6.49%N/A0.80%
T Rowe Price Institutional Floating Rate Fund (RPIFX)$3,368.03.51%5.20%5.55%0.56%
Credit Suisse Floating Rate High Income Fund A (CHIAX)$1,901.23.34%4.93%N/A1.02%
Voya Floating Rate Fund I (IFRIX)$976.23.27%5.04%N/A0.76%
BlackRock Secured Credit Portfolio Investor A (BMSAX)$293.23.23%5.43%5.78%0.97%
Dreyfus Floating Rate Income Fund Y (DFLYX)$515.83.08%N/AN/A0.80%
Payden Floating Rate Fund SI (PYFIX)$175.23.06%N/AN/A0.65%
Transamerica Floating Rate I2$275.83.04%N/AN/A0.81%
T Rowe Price Floating Rate Fund (PRFRX)$498.13.03%4.55%N/A0.86%
Bottom 5
Hartford Floating Rate High Income Fund A (HFHAX)$464.20.55%5.47%N/A1.07%
Hartford Floating Rate Fund C (HFLCX)$5,296.70.57%3.67%4.35%1.71%
First Investors Floating Rate Fund A (FRFDX)$107.10.61%N/AN/A1.10%
RS Floating Rate Fund Y (RSFYX)$1,704.10.74%4.62%5.24%0.78%
John Hancock II Floating Rate Income Fund NAV$3,203.81.13%4.69%5.65%0.72%
Classification total/average$112,458.82.02%4.73%5.10%1.14%
S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Total Return2.76%5.31%5.48%

Assets as of April 30, returns as of June 2. Distinct classes and funds with $100 million portfolio minimum only. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds. Funds closed to new investors have been omitted for the top-10 grouping. Rankings are based on unrounded figures. Three and five-year returns are annualized. In case of multiple share classes, the oldest share class is listed. N/A = not available (fund has been in operation for less than the year indicated). *Net prospectus Source: Lipper


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